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Qigong Study & Practice in China
15-day China Study Tour
October 2002


Day 1
Depart San Francisco or Los Angeles via Air China to Shanghai

Day 2
Morning visit to the Yuyuan Gardens. Afternoon train to Hangzhou

Days 3-8
Stay at Nanjing Sanatorium at beautiful West Lake. 8:00 Breakfast. Morning Qigong study 9-12:00. Lunch break 12:00-2:00. Afternoon sightseeing. Early evening meditation practice. Most evenings free or practice.

Day 9
Morning departure by bus from Hangzhou to Tunxi (about six hours) through beautiful mountain scenery. Upon arrival, transfer to International Hotel.

Day 10
Bus to Mt. Huang , famous Yellow Mountain. Spend one night at the base of the mountain in Taoyuan Hotel. Enjoy the view of the mountains while hiking scenic paths at the foot of Mt. Huang.

Day 11
We'll take the cable car up to the top of Mt. Huang. Thirty-minute walk to the Xihai Hotel, where we will stay on the summit of the mountain. For two days, we will enjoy the most magnificent, romantic and poetic mountains of China. A Ming Dynasty poet once said: "No one will care to see other mountains after touring Mt. Huang."

Days 12-13
Tour Mt. Huang's neighboring area. Visit the Daoist Qiyun Mountain. We will spend two days visiting this remote village, which has two temples and the fabulous Daoist Grotto with 1100-year-old carvings and many caves full of Daoist divinities. This is a little known area and so is not generally overrun with the usual tourist crowd.

Day 14
Visit Laojie, "Ancient Market Street," a busy old-style market with scrolls, jade, silk, and tea for sale a low prices. Fly to Shanghai in late afternoon. Stay overnight at ZhaoAn Hotel.

Day 15
Departure preparation

Day 16

Journey from Shanghai Airport; arrive Los Angeles or San Francisco the same day with stories on the flight and emotional parting from new Qigong friends.