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Qigong: Healing Ourselves, Healing Others

© Roger Jahnke O.M.D., Published in Pulse, the AOBTA Magazine.

There must some primal force, 
But it is impossible to find, 
I believe it exists 
But cannot see it. 
I see its results. I
 can even feel it, 
But it has no form. 
Zhuangzi (Chuang Tsu) Daoist Philosopher Scientist 400 BCE 

The ancient physicians and masters from China, explorers of the true nature of the universe, understood that the most important healing resource, essential creative force or Qi, is naturally present within and around the human. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) the most effective way to insure and sustain health or to promote recovery and healing is to manage, enhance and cultivate, this vital resource. These ancient masters developed personal health practices called Qigong, which enhance and balance Qi within the human system. Although these Qigong systems are numerous and diverse, the practices can be divided into two varieties: personal practice and Qi-transmission for healing. Personal cultivation is the most important because everyone can do it and it is free.

The Capacity to Transmit Qi in Your Work Depends on Your Personal Vitality 

In TCM and other healing traditions, the vitality of the practitioner makes a major contribution to the effectiveness of the healing process and facilitates the most benefit to the client. Qigong builds up the healing field of the practitioner at all levels body, mind and spirit. Building the energy field literally strengthens and coordinates the practitioner's structural integrity the organs, tendons, muscles and the capacity of the brain and neurotransmitters to sustain wakefulness and focus. Qigong also builds and sustains a reservoir of Qi that the practitioner brings into the healing environment. Treating patients (clients) who are out of balance physically or mentally can be draining. Qigong helps to build up the practitioner's energy shield, called Wei Qi, for protection against pathogens such as germs, viruses and bacteria, and against attitudes, beliefs, trauma and negative energy in general. In the body therapies, which use the wrists, arms, elbows, lower back and even the thumbs and fingers, Qigong practice adds to tendon and muscle strength and reduces the stress effects of doing body therapy. Complementing one's work with internal Qi creates greater clinical effects for less personal effort.

Qigong Is A Tool to Build Community Health (and Build Business) 

Ancient Chinese medical texts describe the superior physician as one who teaches people to sustain and improve their health. No matter how effective physicians are as healers, it is the extent of their ability to share knowledge and empower their clients that determines superiority. So what does the superior health-care practitioner teach? The vitality-producing practices of Qigong. If the practitioner teaches clients to complement their treatments with personal practice, the clients will go out into the community saying, "my practitioner not only gives me treatments but also empowers me to heal myself." A proverb in Chinese medicine says: "Treat a lot of people a few times rather than a few people a lot of times." Everybody wins this way. More people are treated for less money and one's reputation as an effective healer grows. The best advertisement is many clients extolling the practitioner's services to their friends and acquaintances. Qigong classes are also a tremendous opportunity for meeting potential clients and spreading enthusiasm. In Santa Barbara, for over ten years, we have hosted a weekly Qigong practice session at a community center. The cost is $5.00. People call it the "cheapest health care in town." It gives us access to new clients in a relaxed atmosphere where we can interact with them and demonstrate how Qigong works to boost personal well-being. It also makes good business sense to coordinate healing work with teaching clients to maximize their personal vitality. It fosters the foundation for a healthy community.

Qigong Transmission Healing 

There is a wide array of Qigong transmission techniques. The First of these, Interacting with Qi is simply the purposeful application of healing presence as a lecturer, group leader, practitioner or information source. Bringing Qi to these situations potentiates a healing effect. At many hospitals and parks in China people are aware that group practice multiplies the healing effect. This is called Qichang Gong. Qichang has many applications and the group can actually practice together in a particular setting or practice virtually together that is, linked by the power of intention which is not limited by either space or time. When people around the world practice Qigong on the full moon this creates a concentrated Qichang. Group Qi Circuits are created when a circle of people use hand placement on Qi centers to create a flow through the group. For example your right hand is placed on the Mingmen point (GV 4, near the kidneys) of the person to your right and your left hand is placed on the Dachui point (GV 14) at the juncture of the cervical and thoracic spine. With 10 or more people this can be very comfortable to do and extremely beneficial. One-to-one Qi Circuits are implemented as in Reiki and Polarity. Qigong Healing with Body Therapy is when the practitioner of Acupressure, Shiatsu, or Tuina adds Qi infusion to these methods. Qigong Healing with Emitted Qi is when the practitioner works at a distance of several inches from the client's body. Light Delivery Method is when the practitioner sends the healing intention over a major distance across town, across the country or around the world. In all cases where Qi-transmission is being used, it is critical to teach the participants, patients or clients to have a daily personal practice as the key focus, with the transmission as a complementary component of their healing process.

The Emerging "New" System of Health Care 

The keys to the health-care system of the future and to the healthy communities that we aspire to live in are rooted in personal choices: to reduce the effects of stress, to enhance attitude and improve lifestyle, and to practice Qigong (or Yoga). The health-care practitioner who consciously chooses to mentor individuals in these choices and practices is part of the solution. First, one must discover and utilize the Qi oneself through personal practice. Then one can share Qigong methods with others. In this way one speeds healing, saves clients' money, strengthens the community and expands one's business.

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